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Buying Used And Refurbished Cell Phones

With all the options on cell phones that the new technologies bring, prices on these devices have skyrocketed. A good alternative remains buying used or refurbished cell phones. However, this option raises some questions: what is the difference between used or refurbished, where can you get these phones from, and more importantly, is it safe?

Used vs. refurbished

By definition, a refurbished phone is a phone that has been pre-owned and due to a number of reasons, the phone has been restored. It is then tested and restored by an authorized service center or the manufacturer in order to work like it is a new one.

If the phone has really been fully refurbished, you don’t have to fear that it will not function well. The quality of the phone is not a question, because it will function like new. After they have been tested, restored and in some cases, repaired, refurbished phones come with a certification and warranty.

On the other side, a used phone is exactly how the term describes it: a phone that has been used and then sold by any means, without any prior cleaning or testing and most probably doesn’t come with a warranty.

In the event that you want to turn to a used phone, make sure you examine it well before making the purchase. The decision must then be based on the price – it has to be cheaper than the similar refurbished model. Be aware of the fact that it is likely to stop functioning at some point.

Where to get them from

Sometimes the same companies that sell new phones also sell refurbished ones as well. It is a good idea to buy from them because of the company’s reputation. The major wireless carriers sell refurbished phones. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile sell refurbished phones as “certified pre-owned”, but you can also find them at AT&T.

You can also purchase refurbished phones from independent companies or individual sellers. Search to find a reputable independent seller as maybe ask for opinions among friends and family or even check for reviews online.

Conditions of refurbished phones

Be cautious with the condition of the cell phone that is claimed by the seller. You can find refurbished phones in perfect conditions, which means that they have been unused or slightly used and they have no defects, you can find them with minor scratches, or noticeable scratches. On these lines, prices might differ. The phones that are in great condition are more expensive than the other ones, while for phones that have noticeable scratches you can get a few dollars off. Sometimes, for the same model, you can get different prices based on the color of the cell phone.

While purchasing used or refurbished cell phones is not a sure bet, it could be a great option if you are really careful and you know what to search for and what to expect. Based on the information provided above, you are now aware of whether to take the plunge for this deal or not. This article is proudly offered by refurbished cell phones.